5 relaxing In-Game Activities Animal Crossing Has To Offer

by Tatiana Lira

1. Giving Gifts To Your Villagers

It’s crazy how you can easily grow attached to the animal villagers that move to your island — or immediately despise them. Once you grow close enough to your fellow islanders, you’ll eventually unlock a feature that allows you to gift them items. If you really fancy the villager, you can enjoy the process of finding the perfect item for them and then watching their ecstatic reaction to your present. On the other hand, if you’ve got a villager that you dislike, you can gift them rotten vegetables or weeds and have a good chuckle as they react in horror to the trash you’ve given them.

2. Tending To Your Flowers

Tending to flowers is a wonderful way to spruce up your island. With the help of a watering can, the minutes melt away as you spend the time to make sure each and every rose, tulip, and pansy is watered sufficiently. If you’re lucky, you might even find a bud of a flower hybrid waiting for you the following day! Continue this process, and your town will be full of vibrant flowers from every color of the spectrum. With enough effort, you might even spawn several rare gold roses!

3. Fishing And Catching Bugs

Fishing and bug hunting are tried-and-true methods of spending your time efficiently. Not only are you able to gradually complete your museum’s collection by donating your findings, but you can also sell the critters you catch for the in-game currency, bells! As a bonus, if you find the sea otter, C.J., or his business partner Flick, the dragon, wandering your island, you can sell them either the bugs or fish you catch for 150% of the profit you’d get through selling them via the Nook’s Cranny.

4. Clothes Shopping

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers the largest variety of clothes out of any other Animal Crossing game to date. Once you unlock the Able’s sisters in your town, you can shop to your heart’s content for a fresh new pair of sneakers, cargo shorts, thick-rimmed glasses, lacy socks… the list goes on! The vast amount of clothing items can please any kind of player, from fashion geek to set collector. Where one player may find joy in concocting the perfect beach outfit, another may find satisfaction in purchasing all the football helmets in different colors.

5. Completing Nook Miles Tasks

An underrated way to make the most out of your daily life in the game is the completing of tasks that will earn you Nook Miles, which is a currency introduced in New Horizons that allows you to purchase exclusive furniture or clothing. Most players ignore completing these tasks because you can easily come back to most of them throughout the year without any pressure. However, the Nook Miles+ Tasks that are only accomplishable during the 24 hours of a day are easy enough to accomplish that passing them up is almost silly. These tasks vary from having you dig up fossils or chop down a tree, and you can gain 100-1000 miles for completing only one! Not only is it satisfying to see items crossed off of your daily checklist, but the miles you gain can also help you cross off the items on your wishlist as you can use them to purchase the exclusive nook miles items.