Happiness || Spoken Word

Happiness, a spoken word piece by Kimi Andre.

happiness; the state of being happy. such a little word that has such a big meaning. My happiness can be so small it’s almost invisible, until I feel like I’ll never experience happiness again. or it can make me feel like i’m on top of the world looking out into the great big unknown, but something in my mind tells me i’m ready for it.. I’ve found happiness in the wilderness.  where everything is just so….alive and…peaceful, that you just can’t help but smile at it. Happiness is the feeling wind in your hair and the ice cold water during summer, the sand under your feet. Attending your school events, or setting up rehearsals right before opening night, just to make sure you get everything right. It’s exploring the city, getting entranced by how it comes to life at night with all the street lamps and neon lights. Happiness is in the stupid little things,  like those dumb dad jokes and puns  or the way your cat acts when he wants attention-these small things that make you smile, can make such a difference. happiness, can be taken away but only if you let it. people will try to steal it from you but you’ll learn that happiness is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive. and you can’t just take it for granted.  happiness; the state of being happy. such a little word with such a big meaning.