The Power of Concerts

by Sydney Wanguhu

This year I had planned to celebrate my birthday by attending a concert with my best friend. I’m turning 17 and I already knew it was going to be a night to remember, but as the special day came closer, I was losing hope. The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to mass gatherings such as sporting events, festivals, and… unfortunately… concerts. In other words, my birthday plans are completely canceled. 

But the crisis hitting musicians goes beyond my social life. Musicians are starting to lose money by the cancellation of their tours, and refunding their customers. As far as my social life goes,  I am devastated that I’m missing out on experiences that I have been daydreaming about for months. Concerts have a special way of connecting fans with the artist. I make it a priority to attend as many concerts as I can because I believe that it’s important to support my favorite artists and attending concerts is a crucial part of that. What could possibly be more intimate than being front row and making eye contact with the person who wrote your favorite song? At first, I was heartbroken by the idea that I might not see or listen to my favorite artists in person for another calendar year.

But I’ve been inspired to see musicians and artists finding something positive in these really hard times at home. Virtual concerts have become a new way to connect musicians with fans no matter where they are in the world. They’ve also given fans like me something to look forward to. Even though seeing an artist live is a thrilling and unique experience, all the money spent on future concerts and festivals can’t compare to these heartfelt concerts I’m able to have on my phone. 

A few artists like Miguel, H.E.R, and Rex Orange County have used their platform to comfort their fans during this lockdown with their music while spreading awareness on the importance of social distancing. As a concert-culture-fanatic, it makes me feel at ease that these musicians are reminding us that it’s a hard time for everyone right now. No one wants to be stuck at home, but at the end of the day, our health comes first. The mayors of New York and Los Angeles have already stated that LIVE concerts will not be held until the fall of next year, but to keep me entertained until then, I’ve been keeping track of the Billboard Top 100 which has listed all the live streams and concerts to watch during the lockdown. With entertainment like this, we are still able to connect with people. With a comment section, artists are able to reply back, go LIVE with you, and you can save the recording and rewatch it at any time. always count on music to bring people together no matter the circumstances.