omor Drum Kit

This is a drum kit made by Christian “Omor” Romo. This is his second drum kit. If you would like to receive this .zip file it via email, please fill out the form below.

This is the explanation of process and perspective to making of the drum kit.

"I appreciate music production/making because of the feelings it evokes for me, creating new sounds or adding my spin on things that are in the meta of certain genres of music can be very gratifying. I started producing around 3 years ago but I only started doing it seriously at the start of this year. Before taking that seriously I was engineering and have known how to do so for over a year and a half. This includes, recording in the studio, making sure the artists puts the most into their performance and also mixing their audio with the instrumental. Doing this always made me happy because of how it forces you to be in the moment while solving the "problems" that arise while doing such activities, figuring out what the best way to solve it is. Doing so has greatly affected how I create music and how I should make space for the artist within my instrumentals. Finally, the most recent of these is djing, with doing so for a year now. The main reason I learned to do so is to be able to perform the content I make while also playing classics and new music to not only put them on but to create a soundscape like none other that uses nostalgia and other rare elements of music. As of now, I am more focused on actually creating music but I also am widening my music taste to the most I can, so that when I start "spinnin" I will be able to play the best song for the right occasion. Also, listening to music I don’t ordinarily listen to helps making my "sound" more unique."

-Christian Romo