Raniya jin: Bridge

For the last assignment students where assigned to choose from any compositions they have made in the last 10 weeks and explain how they went about it. Raniya Jin chose the mural assignment, where students took time lapse footage of the YR Mural on the Telegraph side of the building. Students have all their music in the YRMC which gives them the opportunity for placement within the organization.

“My favorite assignment was probably the score for the mural video. The mural video gave out ideas of how the score should be in my head, but it was a challenge to have my thoughts written out into a musical form. What I liked about the assignment was that it gave a visual and I could play with themes of music, like do I want to make the song sad, or happy sounding, etc. My work process for this project is the same for any other of my projects. I go sit on the piano bench and try to come up with a tune that sounds alright to me, record it, and use GarageBand to polish it. I try to find a feeling that I want to match with the video and play accordingly to that feeling. Then I add different instruments, normally another keyboard, and add chords and harmony. Bass would usually go next. If it goes well with the song, I usually use an upright bass, since it’s an instrument I’m familiar with. The drums normally go last. I’m not really good at coming up with rhythms and selecting what type of drums I want to use, but at the end, if it sounds alright I go along with it. That is my overall process of making music for most of my projects. The mural project is different because it took me a few days to find a feeling and come up with a concept that I can be a bit satisfied with. Though it was challenging, I gladly accepted it.”

-Raniya Jin