Rodrick james: bridge

The composition I picked as my favorite was the mural beat. I chose this as my favorite because i enjoyed having the visuals of someones else work and then being able to put a beat on top of it which can change the feeling of there work. To make this beat i watched the video first to see what type of ideas it would spark and the first thing that came to mind was powerful i found a loop that had the sound I was looking for and that is the first instrument you hear. Next, I seen that the it was a mural of African Americans so I decided to add a loop of some African instruments which is the second melody you hear. Then, the DJ side of me came out and you’ll hear the rewind that leads into the other sounds. What you hear is a 808, kick, some shakers, and a choir. I chose to add the 808 to give it more of a hip hop vibe to make it more exciting. and used the choir just as some background noise. but once all those sounds come in your hear the horns echo out and I took out the horns and added some piano chords. I did that to smooth the beat out and give it a more mellow feel. Lastly, at the end you hear a chime which kind of represents the end of the journey