Yaderith Ramos: Bridge

Music has always been a really big part of my life, ever since I was little something about it just spoke to me. I first started writing when I was about 12 and even though it wasn’t good it made me really happy and decided I wanted to learn more about producing. The Mural Score assignment is one of my favorite compositions Ive made because I feel like this one has flowed the best and I can definitely see that I’ve gotten better. now that I look back at other beats I’ve done it’s really embarrassing but it’s good to see I’ve improved. The first thing I did was add some Maurice claps, then I added a loop called Hardwired Beat and slowed it down to match the rhythm. I then added a sub bass along with a loop of substantial kicks. I felt like it needed a piano or something so I looked through the synth keyboards and picked the Ethereal Pluck and recorded a really simple 3 chord melody. I then decided to record my own snaps cause I couldn’t find some that went with my beat. The last thing I did was add a classic clean guitar that complimented the piano and was also only 3 chords.

-Yaderith Ramos