by Kimi Andre

When you ask how I am I’ll say that I’m fine even tho, 

I know, 

I’ve spent the last three days laying in bed, cause 

its much easier to let how I feel go left unsaid, when I spend most of my time wrapped up in my own head. 


I’ll never tell you I’m not okay but…. 

it’s times like these 

where it’s hard to make it through

another day. 

But I’ll tell you I’m fine, because that’s what you want to hear.

and you’ll play along in this game of charades 


it’s much easier to pretend than face what is real; why I’m so empty that sometimes I forget how to feel. 

I’m tired all day but at night I can’t sleep, tossing and turning jus tryna count sheep but it seems they’ve gotten away from me. 

so, … I lay there, thinking about all the wrong things I did today, never leaving room for what I did right, just… 

close my eyes,

and make it through this night.

I’ll be happy in the morning, I just gotta hold on.

soon enough I’ll find where I belong.