The LIght and Dark- A Film Vision Board

By Yaderith Ramos

This is my vision board for my film called The Light and Dark, I was inspired by the highlights people often see in others lives and how different those might be from their hidden reality. This will be dedicated to some of my best friends and for anyone who’s having a hard time. I think we often hide the parts of us that tear us apart the most and this is just something to remind me and others that everything takes aspiration, time, and patience. I want to record a couple of scenes that are lighter and that I either find comforting or calming, and of things that are poles apart to put this together. I was also inspired by Euphoria which can be seen with a couple of scenes where there are different hues and lights in darker shots. I was also inspired by San Francisco because a lot of my friends associate that with freedom and as a place to be whoever you want to be. I wanted the audio of this to sound like a conversation with a friend at 3am on the phone or in a car driving in empty streets with the radio slightly playing in the background. I also just wanted to remind anyone viewing this that you are not weak for asking for help.