Bridge Design Portfolio – Mimia Ousilas

Our assignment was to cut out a detailed shape from an image and put it on a particular background. We then added text to the design to have a cohesive look. I chose this picture of Billie Eilish, because I enjoy Billie Eilish, but also because her green hair offers a pop of color to the image. The red color in the background contrasts the green in her hair, making the design more engaging and inviting.

For this typography project we were given a chunk of text to organize however we’d like. Because the Halloween Party title and the the logistics are the most important, I put those at the top. And in order to make the special guests stand out, I chose to angle those parts. This helps feature and place the more important stuff.

Here is my face changing from smiling to frowning. We used animation steps to set up the smile at certain points, and then added in-betweens to make it look smoother. I made the eyes closed, to keep it peaceful, and added a blush tone to make it soft and cute.
Here is my character! I started with the heart, and expanded from there. I added a cowboy hat and from there, it felt like it needed an element of superhero-ness. The cowboy hat was inspired by Among Us, and adding accessories just felt right 🙂
This is my bouncing ball animation! We started by drawing out the peaks and troughs and then filling in in-betweens. For some extra fun, I decided to add changing color to my ball as it bounced.

This is my hello animation! I made the letters wiggle using animation and duplicated slightly different versions to give it a certain effect!

This is my repeating flower pattern and I really like it! I drew some different designs and made a repeating pattern.
This is my repeating pattern! We started by drawing one design and then adding a fill layer and putting 50% opacity. From there, we duplicated and moved 50% down or up on the canvas. This created a repeating pattern. I chose a black background with neon colors for a funky look.