Nico and Paola’s 2020 Listicle

Nico Zlatchin and Paola Bedolla García‘s highlight their top 5 events of this wild year.

1. BLM protests to end police brutality and racial injustice

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a non-violent movement of civil disobedience against the systemic racism in this country, the incidents of police brutality, and all instances of racially motivated violence against black people. Many people dying that didn’t have to die(Breonna Taylor, etc) this made a new wave of people push for the need for things to change now, especially since COVID-19 has been hitting people of color the hardest and nothing has changed for police brutality or with these racial injustices.

2. Wildfires in California and bushfires in Australia

Both California and Australia have been suffering from fires in 2020, spreading resources thin. The fires in October even make a strange yellow dark sky for a few days that looks like the image on the right → They are now saying that these fires were some of the biggest fires in California history. In Australia these bushfires are immense as well, “since September, and they’ve intensified this week to “apocalyptic” levels, as more than 15.6 million acres have burned so far. The fires have killed at least 25 people and destroyed 2,000 homes.”

3. Kobe Bryant+ RBG + Chadwick Boseman PASSING AWAY

Kobe Bryant: Kobe was a professional basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers team that on January 26, 2020, died in a helicopter with his daughter Gianna Bryant. His death affected many people throughout the country, and to this day 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: RBG was an associate justice of the supreme court. She was influential for being an advocate for gender equality, reproductive freedom, women’s interests, LGBTQ+ community, and civil rights and liberties. When she died everyone was devasted; not only had we lost someone so important and influential that acted as a moral compass and a critical voice for justice, but this also meant people were wondering what would happen to the country for these groups now that she’s gone, especially for women and LGBTQ+ rights under law.

Chadwick Boseman: Chadwick Boseman was a famous American actor. Most famously known for his role in Black Panther as T’Challa. He was also in the movie 21 bridges, 42, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Persons Unknown, and more. He died at the age of 43 of colon cancer, and his death shocked, surprised, and broke so many peoples hearts. Many people are now using the “Wakanda forever” saying for condolences for Chadwick Boseman and that he’ll stay in our memories forever. (This saying was said many times in the Black Panther storyline as a call to fight for their country.)

4. Biden Getting Elected

In the year 2016, Donald Trump was elected for president, which created a downward spiral for the U.S. During 2020’s international crisis of a global pandemic, Joe Biden was elected as the next president, spreading relief and happiness to so many people. He won 306 electoral votes, many of his  crucial victories being Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Trumps term created so much turmoil and hate and confusion, Biden is pledging to restore calm and truth, as well as handling COVID-19 with more order and stricter regulations, hoping to minimize the amount of cases that keep on rising in the U.S. He elected the first woman of color as his vice president, Kamala Harris, and they will both be in office as of January 2021.

5. COVID-19 Pandemic

In late 2019, the disease COVID-19 as it is now being called, was first reported in Wuhan, China. Many sources say different things to how it began, but it is now a global pandemic taking many lives each day. Since there is no vaccine to the public, schools and non-essential workers have been put online. Schools are closed, many facilities are closed, and for some reason all the toiletpaper at the store is gone. It has been confirmed that you can spread it from person to person, whether it being on your skin or in your cough, so to lower the risk of receiving and spreading it, people have been wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart to protect others and loved ones. There have been many vaccines in progress that work against it, but to my knowledge, there are only 2 vaccines receiving possible approval in the U.S., both being RNA types.