Anthony Tongvanh: Sprite

This is a personal project done by Tongvanh for Bridge Class Fall ’20.

How did get your inspiration?

“I tried making a Pierre Bourne type beat.”

Why did you choose this style of music?

“I chose this style of music because it’s similar to the music I listen to on the daily.”

How did you get started?

“First, I started with trying to find a melody and messed around with the effects. I then moved onto the drums and created a pattern with claps, hi hats, kicks, and 808s. From there, I started to add vocals and percs. Then, I put it all together and made some changes so that it came out how I liked it. Finally, I added a visualizer with some text that says the Title and my producer name.”

How did you know you were finished?

“Andrew checked it out and made a few adjustments and said it was ready”

What sounds/instruments did you use?

“Claps, hi hats, percs, 808s, vocals, and kicks.”

Credits for Visuals

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
SplinePeaks – David Hoskins Adapted from
ItsFullOfStars – Jph Wacheski
ColorBlobs – @paulofalcao
Linear – StevenM,OBV10U3_NINJA,Youlean
Neptune Racing – Dave Hoskins
HUD Text – Rado1