PSA: A Day in the life of a QuaranTEEN

Because of Covid-19 people are beginning to stray away from going outside and are starting to be inside more often, Activities, School, and work are all inside for some people and this can be Mentally draining. This was my motive for creating this piece. If you are experiencing anything like Zoom Fatigue, Low Motivation, Anxiety, or Depression this is the place for you. Here are some good ways to boost your mood for the times you may need it the most:

  • Do something Fun. Doing something fun can almost instantly boost your mood. For example, Painting; Painting can be therapeutic and lowers stress levels as well. Have a laugh.
  • Laughing is the best medicine, Laughing can reduce Anxiety, so the next time you are feeling anxious watch a funny Youtube video, movie or call up a friend and joke about old times.
  • Drink some Coffee or something warm like some warm green tea!
  • Do something you are good at. Doing something you are good at can boost your mood and can also build the confidence needed in order to finish tasks.

And those are a couple of ways to tackle Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Low Motivation, and even Depression. Did you learn Something new? ALSO! Hand drawn/Edited by me 🙂 You will be okay!