Quarantine Can Be Tragic History, But Also A Love Story?

By kyana early

Since quarantine and social isolation, many people now seek for a better social life, perhaps even a love life. Now that town squares, previously social hot spots, have become ghost towns, building a love life during quarantine may seem impossible. Since lockdown, many single people feel they lost their opportunities to meet someone and begin a relationship.

But some people have managed to find love during quarantine, one being my good friend Jaskiran Saini. I called her up to ask about her experience.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Kyana Early: How would you describe your love life before the pandemic? 

Jaskiran Saini: I was going through the worst [period] I think I’ve ever gone through concerning love. Before quarantine, I liked this guy and told my friend. My friend’s girlfriend then told the guy that I liked him. And that was really upsetting because I wasn’t ready for him to know. During the month of February, I didn’t feel the best. I had no self-esteem. I had no respect for myself during that month, and I went down a dark path. But I’m much better now.

KE: Why were you feeling so down during that time? Did the situation with the guy you liked have anything to do with it?

JS: That was part of the reason, but I think it’s also because, you know, in February there’s Valentine’s Day. I think I was just tired of being rejected over and over again by guys that I liked.

KE: Okay, fast forward, how would you describe your love life now?

JS: Now it’s really good. I’m in a happy and healthy relationship. I think that’s as good as it gets, so I’m really happy with how it is now. 

KE: Wow, what a transformation! Were there any other challenges you faced when it came to relationships? 

JS: One of the major challenges was trust. After the situation with the guy that I liked, it was hard for me to open up to someone while in a relationship because I’ve had problems with trusting people. Obviously, in a relationship you want to be open and you want them to know everything about you, because it wouldn’t be right to date someone and have them not fully know you. So it was hard for me to open up.

KE: I see, so with that, how are things different with your current relationship? 

JS: Before I got into my current relationship, I was with another guy and we were somewhat together. We had this really bad argument and because of that he kind of just left me and blocked my socials. It made me really scared and confused, even more so because he left me without closure. But now in my current relationship, the person I’m with makes it much easier for me to be able to tell him about things. He sits with me and talks to me through things. 

KE: That’s so good. I’m so happy for you. How did you meet your current boyfriend? 

JS: I would say we met through Instagram. It was in the beginning of the pandemic, the end of March and beginning of April. There was this trend on TikTok where people would make these Google Forms that you could fill out. There were questions like “Are you looking for friends or looking for a relationship?” and “What are your interests?” Based on your interest, you would get put into groups. Then my group decided to make the same group chat on Snapchat. The person I’m in a relationship with now and I eventually added each other on there. The main thing we bonded over was The Vampire Diaries since we both love that show. 

KE: Do you believe you wouldn’t have met this person if it weren’t for the pandemic? 

JS: Yes, because we both joined that group chat. I joined because I was bored. I had friends in real life, but they were busy sometimes. I was like, okay, if I joined this group chat then obviously it’s with other people who are also bored.

KE: Do you believe being in a relationship helped you with those personal challenges you faced before?

JS: Oh yeah. Before I started dating the person I’m with now, I wasn’t really confident with my body. He helped me believe my body is loveable. He really helped me with that.

KE: Wow, is there any advice you would like to give people struggling with finding self love or struggling with “the single life”?

JS: To get to know yourself on a deeper level. Do things for yourself, go out, try therapy, meditate, things like that. Don’t get into a relationship if you’re not ready because then you’re not going to be happy.


JS: HAHA, thank you. 

KE: Always! Thank you so much for your time and opening up about this.