David’s BRIDGE Project Portfolio

By David Calara

We had to create a poster for our Typography Projects, explaining our event happening on Friday. Even though it definitely didn’t happen on Friday. My peer teachers reviewed our previous posters an gave us feedback on the spacing between the edges of the page and between each paragraphs. After that, I’ve gotten creative with the spacing and text. Also I’ve written some parts that could give a good laugh. Also, if you don’t come to our live stream, I’ll come after you. While you’re at it, don’t look at the third poster.

I was assigned to make a Instagram story. Since I don’t use Instagram, I consider my completed as a MASTERPIECE. Perfecto! Mwah! Mwah! I’ve used a pen tool to cut the background of my character, I was a little rusty so at up close, the edges seem to appear weird. I used Tom Holland cause who doesn’t like Tom Holland? Spider-Verse clearly doesn’t.

My Instagram Carousel revolves a trending Minecraft Youtuber who quickly gained ten million subscribers in under a year, or that’s what I hear from the man and his community. This guy quickly came to my mind when we were told we can use any character we like. So Dream it was! I used a two types of greens and a blue, I won’t get into the specific name they are cause I’m lazy and who cares… Anyways, I choose quotes that he says all of the time. “OH GEORGE, when he chasing his British buddy, George and screaming like so loud, the windows and my ears will become non-existent. “I’m on half of HEART”. Even though he’s even isn’t most of the time… *Tea Kettle Noises*, he’s known for sounding like a tea kettle whenever he laughs, it’s never gets old. I KNOW I MISSPELLED KETTLE, DON’T JUDGE ME. “Be different. Be nice. Just Smile. I promise it’ll change your life.” I figured that why not use a inspirational quote from his Twitter tweets? People need to know that the poorly, can’t trademark, done in five seconds, a preschoolers can draw better than that even with a wedgie, Microsoft Paint blob is a influential human being.

My Mood Board. My Mood Board displays images about how my album is going to sound like. Lofi-Hiphop combined with Japanese instruments or in other words, Calm, wonders and Japanese culture. What more is there to tell you?

Operation Sunset was the chosen name of my playlist. I’ve chosen this name since Japan is named “Land of the Rising Sun”. The reason it was called “Sunset” because I heard of a WWII plan or operation that was going to invade the Japanese island, but that plan never happened. Even though the operation wasn’t called “Operation Sunset”, Internet strangers says the plan should’ve been called “Operation Sunset.”

Along with the Mood Board, I had to make a Music Cover that means with my title and genre. For some reason, the images of mountains and sunset I’ve downloaded kept being “64 bits, 32 bits, 16 BIT, 8 BIT, 4 BIT, 2 BIT, 1 BIT, QUARTER BIT, HALF BIT”. So I decided to use an image that had no sunset but it didn’t become pixelated so soon as I stretched it out. After that, I search up “Cute, adorable, and not affectionate at all Anime Girl wearing kimono”. I have no idea what in the world is a kimono. I choose the image of a anime female wearing that Japanese traditional outfit and process to use the pen tool, it was absolute torture for the pen to line up with the edges of the girl. I then use cut a image of a Japanese flag, I don’t why I did that but I felt like it gives the girl more “depth”, whatever that means. For the back, I used circles, turn their transparency to 50%, and added text from my Mood Board Form. Cut out a picture of a blossom branch and oh my god, it is the worse experience I have ever had in my entire life.

I’ve decided to draw and animate a blob named “Bo”. I’ve used the ‘Procreate’ on the iPad. I’ve used nothing but a blue background, a black pen tool, and white coloring for the blob. This took about ten minutes to animate since I only had to select Bo and decrease his height and increase once it reached the bottom. You can already tell who inspired me to make this little cute blob.

Here we have another animation of Bo the Blob, you can see that he is swinging his body and head from left to right. I had to reposition the head by selecting it and changing the rotation but for the body, I had to erase it and make a new body with a different position for each layer. It took me huge amounts of pain to get the body angles RIGHT. I had to keep erasing the lines since it didn’t look fluent or smooth, I only added a little shadow to make it took like he’s in front of a camera and make it somewhat realistic even though, this creature doesn’t even exist as much I want it to be real with a somewhat past that he saw things that he’ll never unsee. That smile is dangerous, he’ll literally KILL YOU with kindness. Maybe have him as a SCP?

Last week, we’ve been taught how to code and types of “elements” that are essential to the code while building a website. These elements include: <hmtl>, <head>, <title>, <body>, <link>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <script>, <a>, <div>, <p> and <br>. It may look like much BUT it is very easy once you’ve learned them which is child’s play. Plus, the website, Glitch has most of the hard work done for you. So there’s that.

This is the result of the coding. There are three sections of the code, index.html which is the main source, script.js which I don’t how to use but it involves JavaScript and style.css, this plays a huge role in the website since it makes the website look *BEAUTIFUL* by coloring the background and text. Yeah, change the color OF THE TEXT AND BACKGROUND. THAT’LL SURE MAKE WEBSITE LOOK LIKE THE MOST EYE WATERING THING THEY’LL EVER SEE. Also, here’s the link to the code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/voltaic-amber-collision?path=index.html%3A1%3A0

All of the elements in this code are present but instead of a website, we’re creating a LinkTree. A column of links in the middle of the screen, this usually appears in social media links. Instagram, I don’t know about Twitter or Facebook though. The links are used as references such as… I don’t know maybe a Wikipedia page?

This final project includes the result from following elements I’ve listed above which was one image up. You can see my questionable face with my TRENDY, HIPPY, VINTAGE GLASSES. On the bottom of that image, you can see my name and the links, not the URLs but the links that are going to take you the other websites and its going to open a new tab for you, I’ve coded that. I’ve again coded a code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/rambunctious-sulky-harbor?path=index.html%3A1%3A0