Luciano Galarza Design bridge

This was the Instagram post / Instagram story project I did. I really had a lot of freedom with this project. I chose to cut out playboy Carti along with a quote he said. I thought I’d pick him because he’s a cool artist. I had fun with this learning how to cut images and overall how to use different tools using photoshop like programs.

This is one of the projects I’ve done for design bridge. This was a Instagram carousel promoting my playlist I’ve came up with. For this project I had to use my creative juices to really feel and visualize what that playlist felt like. The colors I had went with was colorful and gave a fun feeling which the playlist really gave off. This was one of many fun projects I’ve made this session.

Next following up with the playlist project. We had to come up with a mood board that best gives off the vibes for the playlist. For this mood board I came up with the whole aesthetic of being fun and vibey with just a lot of color in each picture. Pink, Blue, White , and a dark purple is really a mood I felt like was best for it. Again using a lot of creative energy for this. 10 out of 10 would do it again.

Moving on to the last recent coding project we’ve done. For this project I was very overwhelmed trying to understand but if you sit down and learn coding is simple but still isn’t easy. This was a super fun and interesting project to work on.!/rhinestone-iced-earl?path=index.html%3A1%3A0