Mood Board

by: Angelina (Angie) Ochoa

Title: Chill N’ Spicy


4 Sentences Describing Playlist: “Chill N’ Spicy” is a playlist created specially for those who want to lay back and relax, but also want to catch a vibe. The songs in this playlist were picked specifically due to their smooth and heated influences, in both English and Spanish. This playlist is perfect for when you’re cooped up in your room late at night, or for when you’re chilling with your boo. With this playlist, your stress will get lost in the mood provided. 

Explanation of Mood Board: Bedroom, love, and spaced-out vibes are really felt in this playlist so these images are a very good visual representation of those vibes. Feeling all the good things at once takes me on a trip I never want to leave. Life can be hard but once you take the time to vibe out and think things over, you kind of forget about all your problems and just live in the moment. This mood board is full of red and dark colors because when I think about how it feels to catch a vibe, I get a warm feeling, kind of like a feeling of love, as opposed to blue colors, where it would appear as sadness. Vibing for me usually happens in either my bedroom or my car, when it’s dark, because nobody can bother me in those spaces. I really get to lay back without a single worry on my mind. Being alone is where it’s at for me when I’m chilling because I get to think more instead of talk. It’s the best feeling when I’m alone and get to jot down some lyrics. From time to time it’s good for me to have somebody there, especially if I need the comfort, although that’s not very often. The idea of the presence of love comes from the fact that I get those warm feelings when I vibe out, in similarity as to when I feel love for an individual. This can be for a family member, a friend, or even a significant other and most likely that. I guess you can say that I’m a really laid back person who likes to feel all the feelings when I need to. I mean, that’s what assures me of what I’m doing in my life and gives me the chance to slow down and take a break. All of this in contrast to overloading my responsibilities, thus stressing myself out.