Amalia’s bridge portfolio

This is my repeating pattern design that I created for our pattern project! I drew an evil sort of joker, adding more small drawings that corresponded to my drawing’s theme. I thought the joker looked interesting to create a pattern with, and filling in the gaps of where it was empty was where I added the smaller drawings, and I ended up surprised but very pleased with what I created. I chose to include this project because it was the one I liked the most- being able to combine drawing with graphic designs skills was really fun and I definitely had a good time getting creative with it. To make this pattern, I used Procreate! Procreate had many useful tools so I could end up with a cool design, such as duplicating layers, snapping, and got comfortable with the drawing tools as well (different pens/brushes, colors, etc.).

This is my logo branding practice design! This project was really fun as well to create; choosing a logo and making it different to its true logo design was really interesting and pretty hard to come up with, but overall a fun practice. I liked being able to come up with a totally different design for an already existing brand, it racked my brain to come up with creative ideas and come up with a thought process of how I wanted to execute and create a whole new logo. I also used Procreate and Figma for this project; I used Procreate to create the initial drawing, and then used Figma to refine it and create the vectors to create a more solid, finished piece. The top part is my finished product that I created on Figma, and the bottom is the inverted piece! I used colors I had used on the original to invert the original design, and changed the background so you could tell that it is inverted. The boxed on the sides are the colors I used, with their hex numbers so they’re easy to identify and use for future reference and editing.

For our journalism and design collaboration, I chose to work with Ana and create a header for her story, “First Generation Daughter”. Her story seemed super interesting, and creating a piece for her writing was really cool! I got to explore what the themes of mental health and gender roles meant within her story, and chose a picture that resembled and reflected her message. I used Figma to create this header; I cut out the initial image I found to create a smaller, softer image that didn’t take up the whole frame, and used a light PNG background to enhance the image more. I also used a style guide for this piece, so I worked with YR’s color palette and the requirements for the typography part (the title of her story).