Valentina PRieto Black design Portfolio

Using a style guide, I made an art heading for journalism student, Sofia Prieto Black’s, article. I used the Figma Software which allowed me to experiment with different colors, textures and gradients. It was really cool to bring her writing to life and express my interpretation of her work!

Another project I worked on was the typography project also on figma. This was interesting to see how many different layouts I could make with the same content and parameters.
We also did a branding project on Figma where we got to rebrand a company and then make a design guide for the logo user with possible sizes, inverted options and font. i chose to rebrand Netflix and wanted to incorporate its original colors while making it represent film, so I chose to add film tape into the design.
One of our first projects was to make a poster for a movie recommendation. I chose to add my own spin on one of my favorite movies, Little Women. We played with different gradients, fonts and a color palate to make these posters.

Ultimately, the Summer 2021 Design course was fun, productive and most importantly, I learned many new design skills through it. In the future, I will continue to create while applying what I learned. For now, here is my current design portfolio, enjoy.