Main Character – Eiserea

Eiserea Friend #1 – Amara

Eiserea Friend #2 – Faye

Eiserea Friend #3 – Zola

Opening Scene (montage)

Montage of Eiserea roller skating; song choice (boogie nights – heatwave)

Older looking roller rink, wooden walls, red pigmented lights and disco ball, all black people roller skating, DJ of course

Notes: show some strengths, her personality and her problem solving skills, everyone could be in on the plot of movie

Scene #2

Music volume lowers, Eiserea rolls out of rolling rink to meet friends, conversation takes place-friends talking about how fun the night is, don’t want to leave. Eiserea is ready to leave, go to a bar/pub downtown, finally convinces friends to join her.

Scene #3

The friends enter the bar and start drinking to their heart’s content. The friends start to notice something’s wrong with Eiserea with her drinking pattern that night. They try to ask what’s wrong, but Eiserea doesn’t budge (foreshadowing event, the anniversary of her aunt’s death). The problem is never revealed. The group calls a male friend (possibly has bigger part in plot) to drive them to their homes. Eiserea lives furthest so she is last to be dropped off. An interesting conversation happens between Eiserea and driver alone, before she is dropped off.

Scene #4

Eiserea lives in a townhouse complex and sees a paper tacked to her door. After looking at it, she immediately breaks down crying as she walks through the door. She gets ready for bed (chicago boy – ari lennox playing lowly in the background). As she puts on her sweatsuit for bed, she hears a loud thud from the back of her house, silence, then another one. Immediately sobered up, she has a gun under her pillow and takes it out and stands there. After a minute, there is another thud. Under her breath, she says “f*ck no”, grabs her essential belongings and heads to her neighbors’ house, whom she is close to.

Scene #5

Eiserea knocks on the door, even though it is clear that there is a loud party happening. Someone exclaims “it’s open!” and she walks through the door and extremely loud blasting music bursts out, with lights accompanying it. She wallows through the crowd to find her neighbor, which she eventually finds around the kitchen area. The neighbor is clearly happy to see her, embraces her, and explains how it was a last minute party. Eiserea talks about why she is there and the sound she heard in her house. The neighbor takes her out back to show that there are people in the back, probably the source of the noise, curses them out, and takes her back inside.

Scene #6

As Eiserea enters back into the house, she notices the flyer that was on her door, in someone’s hand (rebel character, main antagonist). The antagonist notices Eiserea staring at her and has a quick comeback for it, showing her witty personality. The protagonist apologizes and explains that she was looking at the flyer, showing the flyer kind of triggered her. The antagonist notices her uncomfortability and invites her to sit and talk.

Scene #7

Eiserea and antagonist have a lengthy conversation. (During this conversation, the reason why Eiserea is upset is revealed, most of the story is revealed but little, important details are left out. Antagonist encourages her to come to a meeting for people who have experienced something similar to Eiserea, by letting her take a picture of the meeting flyer on her phone, which happens to be the next day). The protagonist thanks the antagonist for the info and leaves the house to return home

Scene #8

Eiserea walks back into her home and just stands in the hallway right before her door. She is silent to listen for any more sounds. She hears nothing. She has a sigh of relief, changes her clothes and goes to bed immediately after putting her gun in her drawer.

Scene #9

It is now the next day and Eiserea awakes from her light slumber, but very late in the day, which is abnormal for her. She instantly looks at her phone when she wakes up and sees the meeting flyer on her phone and mentally debates on getting up to go since the meeting starts an hour and half from “now”. (maybe have a flashback of something her aunt told her that persuades her). She pushes herself and eventually gets up to get dressed.

Scene #10

Eiserea goes through her daily cleaning up routine (quick-cut montage: (centered bird’s eye view) of her in her bathtub, (centered full shot) of her putting her bra on, her pants are already on, *note she forgot to put lotion on*, (angled shot of her looking in the mirror), she is brushing her teeth/washing her face, something is subtly moving in the reflection but she doesn’t notice for a minute, looks deliberately in the mirror to see no movement, she then looks at herself in the mirror with subtle fear)

Scene #11

Eiserea exits her home and enters her car in the driveway. She starts the car and drives to the address (transition cuts) pretty boring, i know

Scene #12

Eiserea pulls up to the gymnasium where the meeting takes place. She spots the antagonist as she shuts off her car. Eiserea calls out to them and a conversation takes place to calm eiserea down but there is slick foreshadowing. They both walk in to the gym to see the chairs set up in a octagonal shape, something of note for eiserea. There are some people there already and they sit down next to each other and wait for people to arrive

Scene #13

After a few minutes of the meeting taking place, it becomes evident that it is a support group meeting for people suffering a traumatic death of a family member. Internally, Eiserea is questioning how the antagonist knew that she was upset about a traumatic death, because she only told her that her aunt and her were close and how the flyer was something her aunt always wanted to do. Truthfully, her aunt participated in the flyer and died violently as a result. She suspects of the antagonist but later assumes she probably put two and two together.

Scene #14

Eiserea invites the antagonist out for Italian food, her favorite spot because her aunt actually, but she doesn’t tell the antagonist that. The antagonist notices that eiserea is a little lost. They have a conversation which eventually leads to the antagonist taking eiserea to the back of the restaurant with convincing.

Scene #15

It becomes clear that the antagonist is familiar with the restaurant because she bickers with the head chef, who leads them to a path under the restaurant.