Aiko Dabu’s Portfolio

Movie Poster

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is one of the most beautifully filmed movies that came to my mind for this project. One iconic shot that stayed with me the most was before the two lovers’ departure, and I wanted to make the emotion emitting from it the forefront of this poster cover!


Though the project looks simple, laying out the text and spacing everything properly is important. I got to learn a lot about making gaps so it’s more pleasing to the eye.

Perspective drawing

Very rough sketch of 3D objects with lighting that I drew… with my finger. Shading is one of the harder things I found to do because light and shadows bend in weird ways, but it makes everything pop out much better.


Learning to cut out extra frames and make something elastic like this was fun and challenging despite looking fairly simple. Every frame counts, even when audiences don’t always notice it.

branding guide

An aesthetically pleasing brand that stood out to me was IKEA for its saturated colors and bold letters. Did you know that the font was specifically made for IKEA? It was really interesting researching the design process for brands. Everything down to the color influences customers!

creative resume/infographics

This was a project I worked on for a while. Not only does it bring in creativity, but also professionalism! It was difficult trying to make everything proportionate and clean, but I had a great time working out the design and layout. There are a lot of details I learned to pay attention to for infographics!