Samuel michael’s portfolio

Book Cover

I created this book cover for the mystery/detective book The Hound of the Baskervilles. I kept it very straightforward and included only a few elements to give it a clean professional look. This was the assignment that, in my opinion, required the most precision because I had to accurately replicate the design and physical features of the original book cover while still integrating significant themes and story points. However, once you’ve got it under control, everything just flows like water, building itself up until you have this polished book cover.


Animation is really fun to make even despite it taking so long, you can exaggerate and dramatize your whole design, in fact you are kind of required to or otherwise it wouldn’t make as much sense to make it natural. For this project I made an animated bouncing ball, as the initial step in learning how to animate and comprehend the dimensions and motions of how software objects and characters are intended to respond and move.

perspective drawing

The 3D perspective was a pretty simple practice and it only took me a fraction of the time intended, especially it helps to have this image or perspective of how light is reflected across an object. The key is to take a good mental note of how a certain part of an image is shaded more than other parts, how it fades out onto the canvas and most importantly how to draw perfect 3D objects in many different ways. I also tried doing it physically where I switched the lights off my room, then I just used a single light source to influence and direct the shading on various levels.

Branding Guide

For this project I made my own logo brand completely from scratch which turned out to be a banger. First I started with a name, then I chose the right colors and components that would best fit the theme. It is an airline company, so I made this really short inspirational quote, “better lives and forever,” which I placed all around the logo to make it a circle. The main idea of the process was developed all around this idea, making it simple and as minimalist as possible, that way it’s easy to remember and very recognizable.


Infographics are basically a children’s book, lots of pictures for reference but not much text, that is, and it’s typically the design you will make if the information is short or summarized. 

For the most part I really enjoyed the process but at the same time it’s very time consuming and  after hours of editing I can say that it’s pretty effective and useful getting information across.

Speaking of usefulness, Sleep is very important in our lives, it is the cable and charger for our body. And in this assignment I made an informative infographics about the benefits of sleep and in addition I use small illustrations and related pictures of specific topics mentioned in the text.