MF DOOM’s “One Beer” Reimagined

By Alex Covey

For my personal project, I wanted to experiment with sampling and how the same song can be sampled multiple times with a unique result in each product. I started by choosing a song I enjoyed that I knew had sampled from another song [One Beer by MF DOOM sampled Huit Octobre 1971 by Cortex] and went digging a little more. I also found out that the song Odd Toddlers by Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies had sampled Huit Octobre 1971 as well. Not only that, but the first line of MF DOOM’s “One Beer” was a sample from “I Get A Kick Out of You” by Ethel Merman and wanted to incorporate that into the mix as well. However, I didn’t love the instrumental that went along with the original version and knew that there had been many covers done of the song, including Billie Holiday’s rendition, of which I used in the intro.

Tracks Used:
Huit Octobre 1971- Cortex
One Beer- MF DOOM { Studio Version, Instrumental, Isolated Vocals, Live in Chicago
Odd Toddlers- Tyler, the Creator, Casey Veggies { Studio Version, Instrumental, Instrumental Sped Up
I Get A Kick Out of You- Billie Holiday