Siren costume concept

Yuki’s process of coming up with a halloween costume:

I just decided wanted to be a siren so I found all these images of siren like creatures on Pinterest for reference. (there’s a lot more but I couldn’t fit them on here)

I decided I needed a plan so I came up with these weekly goals (which I didn’t meet obviously cause I don’t have my costume but here we are) And I just made some little doodles in my journal of things I’d like to include.

I went to pier 39 in SF and got some Inspo. I went to a lot of the gift shops and found some cool lookin shells I might want to incorporate.

I found all these things that ARENT sirens but have the vibe I’d be going for with my costume, very skeletal, dark, deep sea and wrecked?

I came across this artist Nika Danielska and was very inspired by her works. Its very skeletal and sharp. These are made of wires and some paper mache like paste as far as I know. They also remind me of queen chrysalis from MLP a little bit.

Finally I took all this Inspo and brainstormed some mockups for my actual costume. I had a lot of different ideas for this piece and couldn’t put everything in one costume cause it’d be kind of overwhelming so I made several. This is not everything that I’ve drawn but all I have right now cause I lost my folder unfortunately.

So yeah that’s it.