jewelina aguirre’s bridge portfolio

pattern project

I was assigned to make a square design that when stacked together would make a seamless pattern. I first had to think of a design, once I thought of one I used Figma to create my design. For this project I had to have spatial awareness and leave space on the sides of the square in order to have a seamless pattern.

Flyer Project

My goal for this project was to make a flyer that included an event, place, time, and price. I decided on making a poster for a school bake sale. I used Coolors to help me pick a color pallete and Figma to create the designs and put it all together. I added cupcakes, sprinkles, and polka dots to make it stand out.

Infographic Project

For this project I had to create an infographic of a subject of my choice. I chose to make an infographic to help plant owners keep their beautiful house plants alive longer. I first did some research to insure all my facts were correct. I then used Canva to find a template and changed it to make it my own.

Style Guide Project

For this project I had to use what I learned about typography, color palettes, and graphic design to create a brand style guide. I designed a logo that has three color palettes depending on the background color. These color palettes include square color samples and hex codes. I also had to include a typography section stating what font and weights the brand uses.