Consul mansoor

by Mahmoud Ismael

I’m interviewing my grandpa Mansoor Ismael, a Yemen consul (someone who was appointed by a government to promote the citizens’ interest)  He came to America wanting a family and to secure a home and a job in 1971. He has been an consul for 26 years, meeting with the Ali Abdullah Saleh al-Ahmar (the old Yemen president) and Rashad al-Alimi (the current Yemen president). 
There has been a violent and deadly war in Yemen since 2014. The Houthis  took control of Yemen’s government and capital Sana’a  In March of 2015.  A coalition of Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia launched a campaign of economic seclusion  and air strikes against the Houthi insurgents.

Mahmoud: How was the war in Yemen started? 

Mansoor: Everyone wants to control Yemen and be a leader. 

Mahmoud: Can you explain the two sides of the war?

Mansour:  The Houthis and Islah – the Houthis are a side of Yemen that are being supported by Iran  and the Islah are supported by Saudi Arabia. [ The war in Yemen is a conflict that is centered around different opinions on who should control the country]  

Mahmoud: Why did you move to America?

Mansoor:  We love America 

Mahmoud: What did you want to achieve in America? 

Mansoor: To live a good life and support family back home. 

Mahmoud: Did you have any problems while coming to America? Any racism?

Mansoor: Yes the main problem was the language, it takes time to learn but after I learned it and established a community, later on it was all good. 

Mahmoud: What are some hopes you have for the future of Yemen?

Mansoor:   To be united and for people to forget the war and for Yemen to come back just like the other countries in the Middle East.

Mahmoud : How did you become a consul?

Mansoor:  I was appointed by the Yemen Embassy. I was working for the consul for a couple of years and I have experience. So they decided I would be a good fit. 

 Mahmoud: What advice do you have for people living in Yemen?

Mansoor: Stay ways from Kat [A drug which is popular in the middle east, it gets people addicted] and love each other and rebuild Yemen.

 Mahmoud: How could they rebuild Yemen?

Mansoor: If there are no countries involved in Yemen’s politics,the Yemenis will rebuild it how they want and achieve peace.

Mahmoud: Is there a president or a leader in Yemen?

Mansoor: No I can’t think of any right now but there are a lot of good potential leaders.