Shiveh Laal Design Portfolio

Movie Poster

This is my Zameen movie poster. It was created in figma, and it is a made up movie produced by my made up film company.

Branding Guide

The branding guide for my made up film company, Solitaire Productions. I used Figma to create it, working with color, shapes, and fonts.

Article Layout

This is a layout for an article I wrote last session. I created a visually pleasing format and added different elements to make it more visually interesting.

Perspective Drawing

Drawn perspective of objects in a plane with two vanishing points to demonstrate value and perspective.

Collage 1

This collage was done n Figma, to get familiar with the different tools and how they can be used for various needs.

Collage 2

This second collage was done in Pixlr. Pixlr is a free alternative to photoshop, and we used it to get even more familiar with the many tools such as the lasso, clone, and spot heal tools.

College Infographic

A step by step infographic meant to be visually appealing, easy to follow, it was created in canvas.