The life of my father

By Alexander Pacheco

Today I will be interviewing my father Jose about his experience immigrating to America. He will be talking about his perspective and give advice to new generations of hispanics who are currently immigrating to America. My father is one of his many brothers and sisters to immigrate to America. He currently lives in Oakland, California with me. My father was born in Nayarit and when he was 17 in 1996 he came here to America and started a family. My father is a hardworking man and has a lot of stories about his life. And that’s why I chose to interview him. So I can hear his stories and share them. 

The interview was translated from Spanish to English and has been edited for clarity and length. 

AJ: So when did you come to America? 

Jose: cuando vine America, January 1996.

AJ: How old were you when you came to America? 

Jose: 17 years old.

AJ: Did you come here alone to America? Did you come with any siblings or did you come by yourself? 

Jose: I came by myself. 

AJ: You came by yourself and when you came, were you by yourself for a few days? Or did you already have family here? 

Jose : Tengo familia aquí, cuatro hermanos.

AJ: Four brothers. Yeah. Okay.

AJ: What made you come here? Like, why did you come here? 

Jose: just because everyone was here. aventuras. Y para mejorar la vida.

Aj: just to make your life better. mmm, okay.

Aj: Did you ever regret coming to america? because  you left your family behind or something. 

Jose: Si 

Aj: Why do you regret sometimes?

Jose : Oh regret? I don’t regret it. No, because I don’t forget my country. I try to go back but I can’t. 

Aj: But if you would, you would go, right? eah, if there wasn’t anything like, like, if you could, you go back, but then you can’t come back anymore, right?

Jose:  yeah. 

Aj: So last question, if you were to give any advice to people who are currently immigrating here, what would you say? 

Jose: Right now it’s not easy; it’s dangerous. I don’t want to tell people to come at this time

Aj: Before it was easy

Jose: yeah. yeah, because this change here for crossing and bad people over there at the border. yeah. I don’t know, everybody tries to cover, you know, the people. They try to help their families over there. but this is not easy. It’s dangerous now. Now people have died. yeah, when they try to come. 

AJ:you’re happy. that you came then instead of now?

Jose: yeah. 

AJ:Yeah, thank you for your time. 

Jose: you’re welcome.

AJ: Thank you.