M – Getting mean

By Aidan Rye Lacanlale

Censored Version
Uncensored Version
I have arrived from the darkness, and this ain’t even my hardest.
Gonna be cruel for a minute without being an a$$hole. Just beat these facts in their heads until they feel the toll.
Media’s got you thinking you hard? Well, you ain’t. Talking all that sh*t, but you don’t wanna receive the pain.
That’s a warmup you just saw. Here’s my next words “YOU HAVE AWOKEN THE GAAAAAAAWD!”
Verse 1:
What have we got up here? All these people being sh*theads and they don’t care.
When seeing eye to eye, they always put up a front. Acting buddy buddy up to the point they get blunt.
But behind our backs’ a whole different story, they like to lip negativity for their glory.
Talking disrespectful and they try to get away with it. They don’t know when karma strikes, so tell me ”who’s the hypocrite?”
Not me, nor the other guys. Trust me, we’ve seen your sh*t from our own eyes.
You’re the one who always wanted this mess, so now you gotta face the repercussions next.
Jeez, you still see me as the f***in bad guy? Of course you would, you’ll take the bad apple’s advice.
Minds in the past and it’s stuck like glue. Wait, I clout chase? You gonna C L’s when I OUT you. (CLOUT)
What has the media fed you guys? All of these trends and a bunch of lies?
Commanding your life and sever all ties? From the truth? The media’s fried your mind.
You don’t think for yourself, you just let it control you. Cannot make your own judgments, what’s shown is all a ruse.
Following the narrative, not researching facts. And they think I’m the villain, Now that’s just f***in sad.
Verse 2:
“Ignorance is bliss and it always beats logic” doesn’t work in the long run, it makes you incompetent.
Of life and all of its challenges. How will you f***in handle it?
This “New Order” here has got your minds shrinking, all the displays has got me really thinking.
Your favorite “rappers” here has blocked your mind, from the truthful eye, with all of these drugs and wine.
You worship them as gods of yours, no wonder why your body’s under the floor.
These “gods” of yours here bring harm to your life, and they’re the reason why you ain’t thinking right.
You think talking about sexuality is bars? Muttering pointless sh*t really goes hard?
Having rapper names to think you’re the sh*t? I don’t need all of that in order to make a hit.
They promote this sh*t, that’s why your minds are wiped. You let these “prophetics” control your life.
Why put your life in the hands of these “gods?” How low is your self esteem? It’s really odd.
In order to make a hit, I need the chains? Add girls, pistols, and I need the fame?
I don’t need that “fame” to wipe you dummies clean, just need the bars and talent, y’know what I mean?
Verse 3:
Of course you don't, it ain’t glued to your mind. What’s stuck in your brain is what your eyes find.
And what your eyes find is these lyricists trash. Because you never heard good bars before, it’s kinda sad.
This little voice inside of them. Says more about the insecure people than what I've said.
Keeping them imprisoned, not facing reality. It hurts, I know, it ain’t your cup of tea.
I get it, it’s ironic when coming from me. At least I don’t have an ego like the past me.
And speaking of that, they want the past me back. This is what the audience says:
“I miss the old M, the really stupid M, the childish M, the f***in simpy M. I hate the new M, the background checker M, the cheerful caring M, the always calm M.”
They want the f***in past me, but that wont ever come back. Took some time to reflect on my past.
Learned from it and used that sh*t to my advantage, to kill what I couldn’t f***in manage. (The Old Me)
The old me was a blooper that I’m cutting out, to fit the new and improved me that is well done now.
That’s what most of y’all lack, to put in effort. To change for the better, but you’re just talkers.
Verse 4:
Y’all are all talk but no action. Listen to your feelings in your mind and you’ll cause some friction.
This world here is embarrassing. Too much pointless squabble going on here because of idiocy.
Shackled to the chains of this “new reality.” The truth and wisdom will set you free.
But y’all are too ignorant to take it. Serves to leave you in this pit… of sh*t.
Who here done piss me off? Now I’m getting mean. Ignorance blinds you all, I’m getting mean.
Want me to chill now? Nah, I’m getting mean. Y’all showed me your ways, now I’m getting mean. (x2) OH GOD!
Oh, you thought I would play nice. Heh, stupid. I never play nice when it comes to you people sleeping. Set this as your alarm and let it wake you up. Or stay ignorant and watch your future crumble. I’m out.

P.S. Vi Seconds Fargo Remix