The gloom and rain of these past few months made it hard to get outside. But that melancholic feeling inspired these pieces. I took my friends outside during a (rare) warm day and told them to simply enjoy the sunlight. I captured their reactions to stepping out into the type of warmth that engulfs your whole body, and I couldn’t be happier with my work. These are just a few highlights of that roll.

As an artist working with film cameras, I am drawn to the unique and unpredictable qualities of this medium. The process of capturing an image on film requires a level of intention and care that is often overlooked in our fast-paced, digital world. Film allows me to create images that have a sense of nostalgia and depth, capturing the nuances of light and shadow that can only be achieved with film. 

At the heart of my work is a deep appreciation for the unique qualities of each color film stock.  I love exploring the way that different films respond to light, and how they can be used to create a wide range of moods and emotions. From the vibrant colors of Kodak Portra to the moody tones of Fujifilm Pro 400H, every film stock has its own unique character that can be harnessed to tell a story. 

For me, film photography is not just about taking pictures, it is about creating art. There is something deeply personal about working with film. Each image I captured in this series is an expression of my vision and my connection to the world around me. 

My hope is that my work will inspire others to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in, and to see the magic in the everyday moments that might otherwise be overlooked. Whether it’s a portrait, a landscape, or an abstract composition, I strive to create images that evoke emotion and spark the imagination.