Tinna Lieu’s Design

This is a Chainsaw Man poster that I have created with borders and typography. At the time, the anime came out and I decided to make a poster about it!

We got the chance to design our own logo for a brand. In this case, my boyfriend and I have an upcoming sneaker business that is called TK SNKRS.

Geoff showed us the illustration part of the Design track going over the fundamentals of sketching. The important thing I learned from this lesson was finding the light source and where it hits the object to locate where to shade in.

One of the peer teachers, Aashir, showed us a free photoshop website and taught us the basics of photoshop. I went with a beach theme.

There was another lesson on photoshop and Aashir taught us a more advance way of using Photoshop. Here, I have made adjustments to this Juice Wrld album using the heal tool and lasso select tool.

The final project from design was creating a newsletter. I chose the topic of our U.S economy because it is something that is essential in our daily lives that isn’t much mentioned in media.