Winter 2021

We produce a quarterly digital magazine featuring work from our Bridge media students, interns and assistant producers.

Issue contributors


  • Luciano Galarzo | Bridge Student
  • Angelina Ochoa | Bridge Student
  • Trisha Chittalah | Bridge Student
  • Aiden Luu | Bridge Student
  • Amanda Chieng | Bridge Student
  • Ariam Zerai | Bridge Student
  • David Michael Calara | Bridge Student
  • Makai Perkins | Intern
  • Nevaeh Carr | Intern
  • Solyana Beyene | Intern


  • Michelle Hwang | Bridge Student
  • Kyana Early | Bridge Student
  • Nubia Correa | Bridge Student
  • Jalen Black | Bridge Student
  • Brooke Eickmann | Bridge Student
  • Obse Abebe | Bridge Student
  • Primo Lagaso-Goldberg | Intern
  • Yaderith Ramos | Intern
  • Tiya Birru | Intern
  • Ethan Chen | Intern
  • Sydney Wanguhu | Intern
  • Ivelisse Diaz | Assistant Producer

Video & Photography

  • Marina Tanaka-Wong | Bridge Student
  • Aley Gonzalez | Bridge Student
  • Aashir Khan | Bridge Student
  • Joshua Eugenio | Bridge Student
  • Jamie Fong | Bridge Student
  • Iris Santalucia | Intern
  • Kimi Andre | Intern
  • Korede Shittu | Intern
  • Onessa Sharufa | Assistant Producer

Global Solidarity: Why We Need Ethnic Studies?

Ethnic studies looks at the history of people of color in an interdisciplinary measure of critical thinking and analytical processing. Today, students and faculty are fighting for funding, courses, and respect for the intellectual rigor and demand of ethnic studies. 


This is the story of an adoptee from Guatemala, and her experience growing up in a white American family. Film by Jamie Fong

Design Portfolio 2021 – Amanda

Typography posters created on Figma using font type: Helvetica Now Display with point size and weight constraints. Used Figma pen tool to cut out images and then added a quote to create an Instagram Post and Instagram story. Immerse yourself into the night. Slowly, gradually, these songs move from a sad/lonely mood to a slightly more…

Winter 2o21 design Portfolio – Trisha CHittalath

This is a college I made for my mood board that I think that can represent trust. This is a little project I did for my mood board that has pictures of people and colors that can represent trust. This is an Instagram story carousal I made using figma. We were only allowed to use…


A short documentary on how I have come to understand my identity as an Asian American. Film by Marina Tanaka-Wong

Mood Board

Chill out and vibe out with my playlist on Spotify. Check out the mood board provided too. It’s a whole mood, no lie!

Be Competitive, They Said

“Colleges will be looking through all you’ve done throughout high school, from your transcript to extracurricular activities. My best advice—Be competitive.”

The Art of Portion control

When my family and I stayed in South Korea, my elementary self walked around with heightened senses. On every street corner were delicacies I could only dream of finding back at home

Privilege is Everywhere

A short insight on the far-reaching impacts of privilege. Making this video made me realize how privilege is basically everywhere, and I hope others who watch it can also get a sense of what I mean! Video by Joshua Eugenio

Bratz Top Trumps Remake

Artwork By: Korede Shittu For my project I wanted to remake something from my favorite doll franchise “Bratz” while implementing today’s trending Y2K fashion. This project was based off Bratz trading cards from 2004, which include different themes from different fashion eras. As stated before, I wanted to focus on Y2K fashion so I asked…

Collection of Tour Posters

This is a collection of Tour Posters that I made of legendary artists, Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, Peter Tosh, and Sly & The Family Stone.

Quarantine Can Be Tragic History, But Also A Love Story?

Since quarantine and social isolation, many people now seek for a better social life, perhaps even a love life. Now that town squares, previously social hot spots, have become ghost towns, building a love life during quarantine may seem impossible.

Mutual Aid: “We Keep Us”

After the relentless continuation of police brutality in 2020, we spoke with a mutual aid organizer to re-evaluate what defunding the police looks like.

3d Car

This was my first project I created in blender.