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Ana G. Valdes Sometimes when I distance myself from reality, when I isolate myself from everyone and the world, I think about how adults can get away with anything to do with children, make them […]

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Interview with ceo itza franco

With Gentrification on the rise in the Bay Area, an interview with a small business/corporation CEO seems to be appropriate. With the concept of supply and demand, resources are getting scarce therefore more expensive. We will see if the surge of construction in the Bay Area is really benefiting those with small contracting businesses or not. I am here today with the founder of Garduno Builders, Itza Franco. She created this small business in 2007 with her husband Efrain Garduno a general contractor in hopes of making it in the contracting world. I (Andrea Garduno) will be asking Itza Franco a series of questions relating to her business experience and how it’s going so far.

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The Effects Whitewashing History has proven to have on Developing Students of Color

As a new school year approaches, districts across the U.S. might want to reconsider history classes’ curriculum.  In a New York Times Magazine article, written in 2019, reporter Nikita Stewart found that U.S. states are not required to adhere to any academic content standards for history courses. As a result, many schools teach a white-washed version of history, effacing the existence of certain historical events and/or occurrences that center non-white perspectives and ones where people of color play a significant historical role.