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The Effects Whitewashing History has proven to have on Developing Students of Color

As a new school year approaches, districts across the U.S. might want to reconsider history classes’ curriculum.  In a New York Times Magazine article, written in 2019, reporter Nikita Stewart found that U.S. states are not required to adhere to any academic content standards for history courses. As a result, many schools teach a white-washed version of history, effacing the existence of certain historical events and/or occurrences that center non-white perspectives and ones where people of color play a significant historical role. 

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Inside Indie Bookstores: A Literary Insurrection

In 2009, professionals predicted the death of Independent “Indie” Bookstores across the nation. The rise in superstores and big-book chains foretold the eventual demise of such unconventional small-businesses. Yet, the outcomes were not all that was expected. In the past 12 years, Indie Bookstores across the nation have bounced back – even during the tumultuous pandemic era.