Spring 2021

We produce a quarterly digital magazine featuring work from our Bridge media students, interns and assistant producers.

Issue contributors

Audio Production

  • Adrian Santoyo | Bridge Student
  • Aidan Lacanlale | Bridge Student
  • Luke Thomas | Intern
  • Nubia Correa | Intern
  • Sam Macleay | Intern


  • Jonathon Manion | Bridge Student
  • Yuki Guan | Intern


  • Tara Nguyen | Bridge Student
  • Pranav Thurgam | Bridge Student
  • Ethan Chen | Intern
  • Brooke Eickmann | Intern
  • Sydney Wanguhu | Intern
  • Ivelisse Diaz | Assistant Producer

Video & Photography

  • Dayrin Moran  | Bridge Student
  • Ikeoluwa Oladoja | Bridge Student
  • Tuesday Bakker | Bridge Student
  • Navaeh Carr | Bridge Student
  • Jalen Black | Intern
  • Onessa Sharuga | Assistant Producer

How I am

By Aidan Rye Lacanlale This song is a story that goes out to everyone, to let them know that I am exactly who I am and I’m proud of it. I used a variety of methods and learned more how to use a DAW in bridge this session.


By Adrian Santoyo This is a song I made during my time in Bridge at YR Media. I had a lot of fun learning how to do the music and learning how to use a DAW.

Aidan’s Accomplishments

By Aidan Rye Lacanlale This podcast tells the story of how I got started with my passion for music! Pay attention while I go through all the steps I took to get started with this passion that is so important to me. Coming to you from YR Media of course.

The Social Significance of Bad bunny

By Adrian Santoyo This is a podcast that discusses the social significance of Latin music around the world, particularly in the case of the world-famous artist, Bad Bunny. Listen as we take a look at the various ways Bad Bunny has impacted not just the music community, but the world through his use of unique artistic choices. Coming to you from YR Media.


The MacleayCast is an ongoing series, that opens up about topics that have made my family who they are. Enjoy the first episode, coming from YR Raw, that delves into the harsh history of my family.

21st Century Black Girl

By Ikeoluwa Oladoja Ikeoluwa is a 21st century black girl who tells a story of three 21st century black girls who are close to her. Ikeoluwa captures what defines this women from their origin down to what they hope and live for in their day to day lives.

The Diary of A Mad Black Panther

Documentary by Onessa Sharufa “In this project, I wanted to understand more about my families’ involvement with the Black Panther Party. Though I have more family members that were in the Black Panther Party, I chose to focus on 3 varying perspectives of being involved in the Party to feel my fuel my project.”


by Jalen Black My film is called inspiration to inspire other that they could do anything that they want and make their dreams come true. The message in this video is that success is not an accident it’s a choice.

Inside Indie Bookstores: A Literary Insurrection

In 2009, professionals predicted the death of Independent “Indie” Bookstores across the nation. The rise in superstores and big-book chains foretold the eventual demise of such unconventional small-businesses. Yet, the outcomes were not all that was expected. In the past 12 years, Indie Bookstores across the nation have bounced back – even during the tumultuous pandemic era.

my Mom vs. big tech: Google in San Jose

For a few years there’s been talk of Google opening a campus in San Jose — right  in the neighborhood of my family’s business of wholesale produce and groceries. Google has over seventy offices in about fifty countries, and in the past, these campuses weren’t always met with the warmest of welcomes.