Winter 2022

We produce a quarterly digital magazine featuring work from our Bridge media students, interns and assistant producers.

Issue contributors


  • Laly Vasquez | Assistant Producer
  • Luke Thomas | Intern
  • Maya Lambert | Bridge Student


  • Jackie Dai | Bridge Student
  • Yuki Guan | Intern
  • Aashir Khan | Intern


  • Noemi Grascoeur | Bridge Student
  • Sydney Wanguhu | Assistant Producer
  • Ana Valdez | Assistant Producer

Video & Photography

  • Onessa Sharufa | Assistant Producer
  • Tuesday Bakker | Intern
  • Kimi Andre | Intern
  • Jalen Black | Intern

10 vr games to play this Winter

For newcomers too! Wilder Burke With the recent investment of nearly 10 billion dollars into the VR “metaverse” by Mark Zuckerberg it is no question that the emerging presence of virtual reality will become more and more mainstream. I remember first getting VR back in 2019, a lot has changed since then. But one thing…

Tea Time

A podcast by Laly Vasquez, cohosted with her friend Kahlea, reading and reacting to anonymously submitted on Reddit. The theme of this podcast is lying.

Magic Mayo

Buy your own Magic Mayo today! Film by Tuesday Bakker