Summer 2022

We produce a quarterly digital magazine featuring work from our Bridge media students, interns and assistant producers.

Issue contributors


  • Laly Vasquez | Assistant Producer
  • Luke Thomas | Assistant Producer
  • Ava Maurizia | Intern
  • Sam Schweitzer | Intern
  • Alexandra Covey | Intern
  • Clarissa Castro | Bridge Student
  • Ali Tanoli | Bridge Student
  • Lorenzo Aruajo | Bridge Student


  • Anya Dominique Francisco | Intern
  • Anya Dominique Francisco | Intern
  • Killian Soltero Walker | Intern
  • Aashir Khan | Intern
  • Xayvion Brown | Bridge Student


  • Sydney Wanguhu | Production Assistant
  • Ana Valdes | Production Assistant
  • Andrea Garduno | Intern
  • Kami Bataclan | Bridge Student
  • Esther Omolola | Bridge Student
  • Isabella Altamirano | Bridge Student

Video & Photography

  • Onessa Sharufa | Production Assistant
  • Kimi Andre | Intern
  • Vincent Jones | Bridge Student
  • Jarrett Feinstein | Bridge Student

M – Sorrowful Mentality

By Aidan Lacanlale This project represents the sorrow side of the mental state. FYI – I’m alright.

Off The Rails.

Episode two of my podcast about the history of Bay Area Rapid Transit. The telling of two events that shaped the future of the system.

Self reflection

By Menelik Ransom My goal for this project was to make a digtal art piece where it represents my experience for my first semester of college. In the photo frame, it show the small character looking at the broken window, essentially looking back at himself and see how himself and everything around him has changed…

Fashion: Podcast

By Grace Hays Grace discusses her ideas about some of the biggest overarching trends in fashion.

An Irrevocable Condition

An ode to home. As I get ready to say goodbye to the place I’ve lived in for 17 years I think back on the times and places I’ll never forget. By Lailah Fresquez

Berkeley Love at Night

Following the prompt to a love letter, I wrote a short piece about my deep connection and attachment to the city of Berkeley, particularly at night. Completed with ambient music and illuminating shots of the nightlife, the sequences of this video project were recorded all in one night. Hours were spent walking around, scouring good…


“tuesday.” is an excerpt of my short film “whispers” which explores how society can have a large impact on how one views themselves; discuss beauty standards, and attractive standards in general. By Onessa Sharufa

jewelina aguirre’s bridge portfolio

pattern project I was assigned to make a square design that when stacked together would make a seamless pattern. I first had to think of a design, once I thought of one I used Figma to create my design. For this project I had to have spatial awareness and leave space on the sides of…

birth of vampire

birth of a vampire by prettyboycedi I been chasing bags of wealth locked in with myself my mind sharper then a punk rock belt I’m on a dark wave this the way i felt left my heart up on the shelf gothic boy nah i don’t need help when the night fall ima catch it…

Silly me

Yr media audio bridge track By Kaden Hamilton

The veteran EXPERIENCE

By Jalen Black Hello youth radio listeners, my name is Jalen black and today I’m here with a special guest Bill Hayden who formerly served in the military. He served in 1977 after his junior year in highschool and worked in the navy and marines.  I wanted to ask him a few questions about that…

10 vr games to play this Winter

For newcomers too! Wilder Burke With the recent investment of nearly 10 billion dollars into the VR “metaverse” by Mark Zuckerberg it is no question that the emerging presence of virtual reality will become more and more mainstream. I remember first getting VR back in 2019, a lot has changed since then. But one thing…


By Shriya Dharmapurikar We consume media every single day. Whether it’s the morning scroll through social media, the song on the car ride to work, or the late night movie binge, the media we consume has huge effects on how we view the world around us. Which means, it is imperative that our media positively…

therapy in 2022

By Passion Biagas With the pandemic hitting us hard, we have been faced with some pretty big and life changing struggles. Mentally, physically, and especially emotionally. Most losing social skills as well as picking up anxiety or depression. With many young teens never being faced with these new feelings before. And others falling back into…

Oil and climate change, how we prevent the inevitable

by Wilder Burke Our world is in crisis. Everyday we edge further and further to the point of no return. This issue can be seen universally whether it be hotter summers or smaller winters. Climate Change is real, and it’s affecting us now. If our world is in crisis, why does it seem like we…

How can the gym community be more inclusive for women?

By Shriya Dharmapurikar When I signed up for my school’s 7:00 am strength and conditioning class, I had no idea what it entailed. However, after waking up, dragging myself to the gym, and lifting a barbell for the first time, my mind was blown. The effects of weightlifting were long term. I found myself having…

Black Ariel

By Grace Hays Recently my mom and I were watching You Tube, and a trailer popped up. The trailer was about the new Little Mermaid, which was originally released in 1989. My mom and I were super excited about it, especially since Ariel is getting played by a black woman. My mom kept talking for…

Siren costume concept

Yuki’s process of coming up with a halloween costume: I just decided wanted to be a siren so I found all these images of siren like creatures on Pinterest for reference. (there’s a lot more but I couldn’t fit them on here) I decided I needed a plan so I came up with these weekly…

Tea Time

This podcast is the fifth installment of Laly’s series on Reddit Stories. You can listen to the fourth episode

Aurelia Ellora

Aurelia Ellora is a Dungeons and Dragons character I’ve been working on for a while which I decided to incorporate into my personal project. I’ve always wanted to get more into drawing people as I usually only doodle faces or creatures and this is what I made. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to add the colours…

Who Am I?

by Anya Francisco, a short zine of the things i love.

It happened once

By Andrea Garduno (Andrea) A squeeze to the chest. A subtle nudge to the heart that will put your whole body on alert. Tears welling up in your eyes but they fail to fall because the half feeling of shock is deciding whether to explode or implode within your rattling head. There is no correct…

Child welfare: Problems and solutions

By Esther Omolola For the summer, I’ve been working as an intern in the mental health department at the New York Foundling, a non profit company that specializes in child welfare. NYF is an organization that provides support and extra resources for families that may enter the child welfare system by offering a whole-life and…


by lorenzo araujo oaktown created by lorenzo araujo in garageband


by clarissa castro home lyrics my heart falls and i feel butterfliesthe memories of you feel like sunshineand i just don’t wanna fall asleepthoughts of you run on repeat this is the moment i’ve been dreaming ofthat someone like you’d walk into my lifeyour smile is all i can think aboutand i cant get you…

Vision quilt: Preventing gun violence

By Isabella altamirano 5 years ago, an organization came to my school, Lighthouse Charter High School in Oakland, called Vision Quilt – an art project that raises awareness about gun violence. I worked closely with the executive director, Cathy DeForest. She’s been working in East Oakland with two different coalitions for peace in the street,…

ali’s beat

by ali tanoli ali’s beat a beat written andproduced by ali tanoli on garageband

5 must-watch Coming of Age Movies Starring BIPOC Actors

by Esther omolola Have you ever looked for a movie to watch and just couldn’t find what you were looking for? As a young black woman, it can be challenging to find coming-of-age films that truly capture the essence of growing up in a minority community. Even with countless websites and recommendations, it often seems…

Secret Stuffed Story

A Film by Jarrett Feinstein A close look into the life of stuffed animals in this young person’s home

Andrew tate and spreading misogyny

By Kami Bataclan This podcast discusses influencer Andrew Tate’s dangerous message to young men and what impressionable young minds on social media should do to combat hate-speech and misogyny.


“I love myself” That is not a sentence I was able to say a year ago. That’s not a sentence I was able to say six months ago, and I’m realizing for the first time in 17 years, I am able to say “I love myself” and fully mean it. Coming to this realization also…

Samuel michael’s portfolio

Book Cover I created this book cover for the mystery/detective book The Hound of the Baskervilles. I kept it very straightforward and included only a few elements to give it a clean professional look. This was the assignment that, in my opinion, required the most precision because I had to accurately replicate the design and…

beethoven’s beat

I spent so many hours and so many drafts trying to find the perfect beat and this is the one I went with so hopefully you enjoy it. :))

A few words from mom

Guidance was something I was missing when I moved away to college, but my mom made sure I never lost my way in navigating my early independence. My appreciation for her is beyond words but by pressing play, you’ll have a better understanding..

Tea TIme

This podcast is the fourth installment of Laly’s series on Reddit Stories. You can listen to the second episode here


by ava & chaitanya

Aiko Dabu’s Portfolio

Movie Poster Portrait of a Lady on Fire is one of the most beautifully filmed movies that came to my mind for this project. One iconic shot that stayed with me the most was before the two lovers’ departure, and I wanted to make the emotion emitting from it the forefront of this poster cover!…

“Verano” By Adrian Sanyoy0

Verano Is my song that I composed. Verano means Summer in Spanish and is a good name to define the vibe of this song and hope you like what you listen.

Photo Essay: Art and Politics in Europe 

By Emma Schulman The way that the air moved throughout the train station was special. The train was running behind, and maybe that created an opportunity for people to get to know one another at Gare du Nord train station in Paris, France. From city to city I and my family had time to get…

Breaking Apart the Myths of Justice for Gender-Based Violence

By Emma Schulman She swings her scale as courtroom voices echo. In courtrooms across the country stands a figure of Lady Justice. The lady is a figure of hope to many, but some find her to be the exact opposite. Despite the fact that the scales in a courtroom are supposed to be balanced, many…